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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year-2011!

This next year brings with it a variety of opportunities for all of us to enjoy.  Artful swaps will be hosted by Bea & myself, at the Latest Trends yahoo group this year (link is in the sidebar), along with a fun tutorial for making a Quick & Easy pocket journal to keep them all in.  I will be sharing my instructions and a few links to others, here on my blog, next week and Bea will be sharing hers as well. There will be a list posted for each of the monthly swaps in our database so you can all get a jump on creating your swaps!  Our goal is to have each swap require a different element, or two and besides the usual ATC, there will be: charms, ornaments, shipping tags, etc. 
I finished moving my art studio to its new location and while it is very crowded, it is cozy and ready for me to start being creative, not only with the 12 swaps coming, but with other mixed media tutorials and jewelry of course!  (Even my DH said how much he liked my new space!  That's quite a compliment!)  I can't find a thing yet, but I know where to look! LOL!
I will continue offering digital workshops, beginning with the first watercolor painting workshop that starts Jan. 12th.  If you haven't signed up for this one, you need to hurry, I have only two virtual seats left.  Workshop  This workshop will take you through 6 stages of the painting process, all based on the beginner for both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop.  (I have limited seating in my virtual classroom, so that I can give each of you the attention you may need.  It's a small private group of people who want to explore the digital options available for their art.)  I will have this workshop available later, as a downloadable workshop from my paypal shop if you do not have the time to attend this first workshop. 
My next series of workshops will be: 1."The Art of Illusion", 2."Abstracts" which will be combining mixed media manipulations with digital abstract prints, 3."Basic Drawing" maybe using the Wacom tablet besides the mouse, plus a few more digital painting classes.  Cartooning comes to mind!  Digital fun is in store this coming year and I hope you will be able to join me for these artful journeys!  Happy New Year my friends!  :-D

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