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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pockets-Pockets Everywhere!

Here is a simple and quick way to make a 12 month pocket journal from recycled envelopes to hold 12 months worth of swapped items.  If you haven't signed up for these monthly swaps-please join us at The Latest Trends yahoo group for a new year of fun!

12-Pocket-Monthly Swap Journal by: Cynthia Powell

I love creating bind-it-all chipboard journals because they are quick and easy to make.  This year, once I had all my Christmas cards addressed, I had several dozen envelopes left over and what a better way to use them up then to create a pocket journal to hold our tag, postcard & ATC swaps during the coming year. 

You don’t need much in the way of supplies, just some:

♦ Recycled cardboard or chipboard to make the back and front covers larger than the envelopes
♦ Glue stick and artist papers to cover the cardboard
♦ At least a dozen left over envelopes-one for every month of the year
♦ Rubber stamps-I stamped the month on each of the 12 envelopes.
♦ Binding materials such as: ribbon, rings, bind-it-all or any other method you prefer.

Once I had the envelopes stamped, I removed the excess ink by stamping onto 6”x4” index cards that will become the filler in this swap journal, so I can write notes about each of the swaps.  At the end of the year, it will be a small record of the swaps I participated in.  A keepsake for 2011.

I have all the pieces done now and I’m ready to bind this together and start filling it up with some tags, valentine’s, greeting cards, ATC’s, charms, etc. I will also add a variety of paper clips, stapled items, found ephemera to help fill up these pockets!  Let the swapping begin! Come join us over at the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Art, yahoo group-link is in the sidebar!

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