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Monday, March 15, 2010

Having fun with Photos

There are times when I just like to play around with my digital software and combine photos together to create new photo layouts. I'm still learning this process and I have alot more to learn-but here is a layout I did combining 2 photos from www.sxc.com. (I am still experimenting with using masks to block parts of the images to enable other parts to be manipulated.)

One is the tunnel, taken by: jascha400d (Love his work!) and the 2nd photo I used was the stock photo of a single lightbulb. After I combined these two photos together-I burned around the lightbulb to blend the two photos together to create the darkness and eliminate any straight edges. Then I used some photoshop brushes to add the printing from ticket stubs onto the walls of the tunnel. When I first saw the picture of the old tunnel, it reminded me of the subway in Chicago-the first subway I ever rode on.
I find it rather funny too, that what you start out to create-doesn't always end up being what you create. I tend to go with the flow and let things evolve. I actually had to do this twice, since my computer had a hickup and didn't save the first one I did-so this second one is slightly different than the first. I actually had a grungy black border around the first-forgetting to add it to the second layout. I'll probably go back and add the border-It created more depth.

Well-I went back and added a border. I removed the light-bulb and added a lens flare to simulate an approaching train. However-there are no train tracks in this tunnel, so maybe that is someone approaching with a flashlight? Here's the finished digital collage layout.


peggy gatto said...

I looked at this for a long time, very lovely!

linda said...

I like both versions. The one with the lightbulb is very vintage, and the other is a little scary movie-like.
Nice work.
I haven't tried playing with masks yet, but it's on my list.

Collage Picture Frames said...

Your completed collage is very creative, I like the idea of someone walking out of the tunnel letting their flashlight guide them, or perhaps it's not a someone...perhaps it's a something...who knows what is walking towards us...great effect.

Cheers for sharing