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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beading Workshop-March-Part 1

Maura is teaching us how to do some special beading over on the Latest Trends Yahoo group (link is in the sidebar-come join us!) We are making a beaded watch bracelet, in an easy beading pattern. I love doing beaded embroidery and this is just as much fun-without all the fabric and frames involved. Very few supplies are needed and if you wanted to make this into a necklace instead of a watch bracelet-you don't even need the watch face! Sherre also shares with us some wonderful bead & crystal bracelets in the new "Jewelry Beyond Time" book! (sidebar-check it out!)
I'm thinking if I make this into a very long strand-I could loop it around my neck several times and have a layered effect-kind of like the beads we wore back in the 60's, with matching earrings? Pair it up with some other beads? Silver pendants? Lots of possiblities! :-D

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