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Friday, January 1, 2010

Words of Wisdom-Project #1

Gather your supplies: wooden thread spools in a variety of sizes. (The smallest I could find at my local Michael's craft store, was 3/4" in height. Perfect for smaller projects.)

1. You will need paint in your signature colors with a brush for applying, or if you want a quicker and easier way-a brush with ink pads in your signature colors. Using ink is OK, just be warned they will turn out darker than ink over paint. Either way you go with this step, you will still need a distressing ink.

2. I used Vintage Photo and applied it with a brush (Then used a rag to blend the ink, for a smoother finish.)

3. Using a sheet of vintage music or pages from a dictionary, distress them and make circles for the tops and bottom of these spools. I used a 3/4" hole punch and a crop-a-dile, which has an 1/8" hole punch for the center hole. Glue these onto the wooden spools. I've also taken a sheet of cardstock and distressed it, then stamped it with a variety of clear stamps that I had. Or you could simply use an artists paper that you purchased, but I prefer using something vintage or something I made myself. (I'm also trying to use up the supplies I have in my craft room before the end of 2010 because of a New Year Resolution I made to myself-more of this later.) Now, if you have another sheet of vintage music or whatever you are using, cut strips to wrap around the spools. They need to be either 1/2" or smaller, or 3/4" or smaller depending on the spool. (I made mine a tad bit smaller than required but my ruler didn't have a mark for this, so a tad bit will just have to work.)

4. Once you have all the paper parts glued to the wooden spools, it's time to add your "Words of Wisdom". I had some pre-printed sayings that came in a box, I simply cut them to fit, but you can make computer printed quotes of your favorite sayings or use simple words that have strong meaning, such as: Health, Gratitude, Memories, Happiness, or you can use simple quotes such as: Knowledge is Power-Francis Bacon, The Best Things in Life are Free-B G DeSilva, Laugh and the World Laughs with You-Horace. If you decide to create your own sayings on the computer, use a variety of decorative fonts to add a little bit more pizzazz to your creation. And the final step is:

5. Add bits and pieces of ribbon, raffia, waxed linen thread, fibers, etc. to some or all of your wooden spools. Stack them on your work table, a coffee table, throw them in a basket and enjoy your "Words of Wisdom".

I have to be honest with you about altered art and it's functionality. I am like hundreds if not thousands of artists who have a problem with the usability of mixed media, altered art. If it has no purpose, or has no use to me, then I will not create it. So, one of the challenges that I create for myself is to make my art functional before it is created. Interesting, because some projects are truely challenging in this concept. (Of course wall-art is functional, so painted canvas's and such are exempt from this challenge.) So, you are probably asking yourself, "How is this art project: "Words of Wisdom" functional?" It's not-yet! Stay Tuned!


Linda B. said...

I so agree about functionality, who has room for purely decorative? I plan to put my goal words for 2010 on my spools and string them where I can see them each day.
Linda B.

Artifice said...

I love your resolutions for 2010 especially about "use it or lose it!" The spools and charm bracelet are awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Linda Greiss