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Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010-Show N' Tell #1

This year I have decided to do something different with this blog. I want to share with you, the readers, some fun art projects based on previous magazine publications. Recycle, reinvent and re-purpose old techniques & materials in keeping with our new book release! We should have added "Revisit" in the title as well, because that is what I will be doing this year, revisiting those stacks of magazines & books I've bought over the years, as well as the newest additions! I will be choosing some fun art projects to make for this blog, as: "Show N' Tell"!

To get started I took the first magazine at the top of the first stack, which turned out to be: Somerset Studio-Sep/Oct 2006 issue. Starting at the front of the magazine, I didn't get far before something caught my eye. A recurring article that has always held my fasination because of the symbolizm of using color in your art. "With One Palette" allows you to explore your own creative palette based on your own environment. Your home, your wardrobe, your art tells you what your palette is, the colors you continue to return to, or are most dominate in your surroundings. So, let's take a look around my home:

I got rather bold a few years ago and decided to incorporate the colors I love into my immediate surroundings, into the very rooms I live in, relax in, work in and play in. Brick Red, Lightened Yellow Ochre, Forest Green, Black, Gobi Desert Tan and Vintage Cream is my working palette. These are colors I continue to return to time and time again. These are the colors I love to live in and they are represented throughout my home, in my closet and in my art studio. My walls are adorned in these colors (yes, even the black can be found on my kitchen cabinets & guest bath walls!) My closet is full of clothing in these colors and each room of the house incorporates this palette. Right now, there is a painting on my easel that I've been working on for the past 6 months, that also has incorporated these colors and I have to admit I used them, without any thought.

That's a bold statement, "Without Any Thought". These colors are so ingrained into my mind's structure as to be second nature for me to grab up and use for self expression. I don't know why I am drawn to these particular colors, other than to say, I love them, they represent my folk art style, or perhaps I developed my folk art style because of my personal colors? Interesting concept, I'll have to think about that!

So, the first thing you can do, is determine your color palette. Explore your home, your clothing and your art to determine your signature colors! Even though my immediate color palette does not include a shade of blue, I would have to add my all time favorite is: Robin's Egg Blue of which I do wear alot of, in both my clothing and when creating jewelry. Turquoise being second seat, when it used to be in the running for top spot. So, our tastes do change, even if only slightly. Don't be afraid to add those extra colors that may not be prominent in your life, but ones you still love! The next step will be to use your personal, favorite colors in a fun and funky art project that I will name: "Words of Wisdom". Stay tuned!

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Linda B. said...

Cynthia, I LOVE that you are doing this, and I will be playing along for sure. I have really needed something to jumpstart me, and this is something I can do and will love. You are so generous to share your ideas - happy new year!
Linda B.