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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

Another thing I've been thinking about, "Resolutions". I do have the same ones I have every year, diet, smoking, exercise to stay healthy, more art time in the studio, more family time, etc. Some of these were accomplished this past year and I am so thankful I followed things through but on other issues, I need to concentrate more, i.e. diet and exercise. Because I quit smoking, I have gained a few excessive pounds on a body that was already carrying a few extra pounds. :-D This is a major issue for me and I aim to conquer the scales over the next 6 months, exercise on a more routine basis and run up those stairs, because I don't have a stair stepper handy! LOL! I have two flights of stairs in my house, the upper staircase and the one leading to my studio in the basement. Each of which I will try to find time to use daily!
Speaking of studio-which is another major issue with me this year. I have managed to accumulate hundreds of sq. ft. of junk! Junk-stacked floor to ceiling, wall to wall and every inch in between. I have to downsize! Here is a pic of one of my work tables. I barely have room to work and I keep telling myself-I can't throw that away-I need it! Are you in the same rowboat? It's time to conquer the mess! It's time to de-stash the top and yes-"UNDER" the tables too!

Another major goal is: "Use It Up or Lose It!"-"Get It Done by Having Fun!" and "Be Happy!" These three sayings are words to live by when it comes to destashing my studio and I will start with a box full of picture frames that has been taking up space under a work table for 3 years now. It gets sorted today and if there is time, this worktable will get better organized!
So what are your pending goals for this New Year?


LisaC said...

Cynthia, I am SO with you on decluttering. I have so much "stuff" it overwhelms me and I can never find what I'm looking for, even though I attempt to be organized with labeled boxes and bins, etc. Ugh. But it seems as soon as I get rid of something, I'm looking for it two weeks later! I just have to get into a mood and start donating. Thanks for your post, I don't feel so alone, LOL.

morningDove said...

since getting a major diagnosis in Aug. i have been decluttering. it feels great. DAV has loved me in the last few months.
one area i need to seriously work on - fabric stash - and given from everyone else to me too. i believe there is a local church that makes quilts to send overseas. that will be a huge undertaking. maybe a day of tea and a girlfriend to come along side me to help.