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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've heard about choosing a word to journal from a variety of sources lately and so I decided to play along this year, but instead of journaling, I prefer to create art-digital art collages to be exact. I chose a word that I have been trying to live by for a few months now. Flights of Fancy-Fantasy-Slightly Wacko-Carefree-Fun Spirited are all words I would use to describe the "One Word" I chose to live by for the next year. Normally I am all these things, but tend to be too serious most of the time. I need to learn to "lighten up" a bit. I chose the word "Whimsical" which has a dictionary meaning that just doesn't do it justice. I prefer my own version and using my definition(s) here is a digital collage I created from a variety of elements. (Notice I used the blog background that I couldn't make fit for my background paper. Worked great for this project!) I have to say, I felt liberated while I was creating this, because it was a no-holds-barred style of creating. Whatever came to mind, I gave it a try. After several attempts at adding things, I settled on this version of the layout. I did look for fish to add to the fish bowl but just couldn't find one that I really liked. A flying fish or even several clown fish probably would have been good and would have worked with the theme of "Whimsical-Flights of Fancy". :-D

There are several symbolic things going on here-all the references to flight-the photo of a woman pilot-the rain cloud filling the fish bowl with water-the eye piece or lens over the whole for a close up view (except this didn't quite work the way I wanted, will have to try this technique again on another project.) Notice too these are colors from my personal color palette that I use over and over again. I love these colors and just never get enough. I will have to challenge myself on a later project to use turquoise and purple together! LOL! Anyway, interpreting this layout, I see that women in my past, were bound or confined to a certain space or in their rightful place, yet we struggled to break the bonds that hold us back-the glass ceiling no longer holds us down and we as women have made tremendous strides in the world. No longer confined to just raising a family and taking care of a home, we are free to express ourselves, have careers, travel and do everything else we want to do. It's wonderful being a woman this day and age, due to the women who have gone before us, as we go before our own to pave the way. It is conceivable to think that 2010 will bring with it, even more changes for our daughters and grand-daughters to use as springboards to get ahead in schools, careers, etc. Passing on the family traditions or family businesses also qualifies for the advancement of all women and my hat is off to those who take the time and consideration to teach the next generation, all that they have learned themselves. Cheers! :-D

Credits: Deb-thescrappincop, flickr, Tangie-Scrapbookgraphics, Deviantart, fonts101


Dawn said...

You are off to a flying start Cindy, looking forward to watching this develop xxx

linda said...

THis is a wonderfull beginning, I can't wait to see where your imagination takes you.

peggy gatto said...

Striking design!!
I look forward to following you!