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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Steps 6 thru 9

Step 6 was to add more texture and pattern to the canvas. I added only a little more texture with a rubber swirl stamp & stazon black ink. The paste had already created texture so I didn't need much more.
Step 7 was to apply shoe polish. I didn't have any shoe polish but I did have some bottles of patio paint, the kind that you use to paint on concrete. I rubbed these in using a soft cotton rag but the colors were too dark for me so I didn't use much.
Step 8 was to use gold calligraphy ink. Something new to try. I dipped a piece of cotton crochet thread in the ink well, and dragged it across the canvas. I dropped it and picked it up again. I dapped little circles on and then wiped them off with the cotton rag. I only wanted an impression of gold here.
Step 9 was to get out the Shiva Artist's Paintstix's. These have been in the box for over a year, I never knew what I bought them for in the first place! LOL! I rubbed these on directly to the canvas, and using a terry cloth rag, scrubbed the colors in to blend them. This was great, I love the vibrant drama it produced, but it also covered up most of the gold ink I had just applied! Oh well, I think it still needs more pattern. I'm thinking of mixing black air brush paint to the modeling paste and re-applying a thin layer to look like the leaves of the trees. It also needs the water defined from the river bank. There are still a few steps, maybe 5 to go, so I will try to be patient and not add anything at this point.

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Catherynne said...

Wow! This is looking gorgeous, Cindy. I think you just might have inspired me to tackle a pad of canvas paper that's been lying around for ages...