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Friday, August 7, 2015

Taylorsville Photo Club

In Liberty Park there is an 8 acre Bird Park called Tracy Aviary.  A very interesting place to see some very interesting birds.  My favorite of all birds are the Flamingo's and they are living in a unique habitat, very much like their natural environment.

One thing that is really exciting and fun to watch, is the Bird Show that happens twice a day.  The image here, is one of the many bird species that plays a part in the show.

After exploring the entire Aviary, we decided to venture into the park itself.  The glass greenhouse is a sight to behold.  When the sun is out, the glass reflects the sky and appears to be blue, but yesterday it was a little overcast, so the glass looked almost frosted.  One surprise for me was, the door to enter the greenhouse was open.  Finally I had my chance to go take a peek inside.  What a great space.  I was able to get some interesting photos of overgrown "Pregnant Onions".  The largest I had ever seen.  About the size of a free-standing range in your kitchen,   Pretty big for a plant I used to grow as a house plant!

Another thing we were able to do is visit the Chase House.  Home to local Folk Art, a museum of local culture.  Did you know they offer free evening entertainment?  Stop in and grab yourself a schedule of events.

If you are interested in photography and would like to learn more, join us at the Taylorsville Senior Center on Thursday mornings at 10:30.  

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