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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Art Everywhere You Look

I recently took a weekend road trip up to Evanston, Wyoming for a photo op and to enjoy the horse races.  Yup, they are running again after several years of being shut down,  New owners are back in business.  Not to be side-tracked, we were driving around town and we found this amazing old brick railroad round house,  Parked next to some older derelict buildings was this dining car.  Someone had boarded up all the windows which was probably a good thing, but they also had painted people sitting at tables on the wood.  You never know where you might find the work of another artist.  I'm always on the look out.

Found art is appreciated and I know several artists who like to leave little tokens of their work for others to find. It might be a sticker on a light pole, a wall mural behind a gate, a scrap of paper left on a table,  You never know where you might find some artwork so be on the lookout.

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