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Monday, October 14, 2013

Wow! Ann Blockley's Latest Book!

I had the privilege of reviewing Ann Blockley's newest painting book and I wish I had this amazing book a few months ago!  It is the perfect book to motivate and inspire anyone who is interested in incorporating mixed media materials with watercolor.  The instructions allow you to experiment on your own with plenty of ideas to get you started.  Ann Blockley shares plenty of her beautiful paintings throughout the book along with her observations of how she accomplished each technique.  Her goal was to explore the many possibilities of incorporating various ways to achieve her desired effects and she has succeeded. 
A must have book for those painters wanting some inspiration and motivation to branch out and explore on your own,  This book will enable you to  create paintings that are uniquely yours using supplies that you can combine with watercolor.  Techniques that will give you individual results.
If you are an intermediate watercolor painter, or want to learn more about this media, click the link in the sidebar to get this book today.  Even though I was able to review this book without making a purchase, I bought the book!  It is a must have and I have already begun experimenting with mark making using tools I already have! 

Please note-I am an affiliate of Amazon and I do receive a few pennies for every book you purchase via the link.  It adds up and allows me to purchase a book or two each year.  So thanks for clicking on....

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