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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stencil Technique #5

This will be my last technique and I think you will love it.  Start with a sheet of glossy photo paper, a cosmetic sponge and some Mod Podge or a liquid gel medium.  (I used mod podge for my sample that is shown here.)  Lay your stencil of choice on top of the glossy paper and using a cosmetic sponge, simply dab the mod podge on the stencil.  I tried to make sure it was evenly coated so I got a good impression from the stencil design.  Set this aside to dry.  I let mine dry overnight since you will be doing multiple steps on top of this. 
So, the next day, when it is dry, you will need to use a dye inkpad or various inkpads of your choice.  (I choose to use a denim blue and walnut. inks.)  With a polyfil, buff the ink over the entire surface of the glossy paper.  this will stick everywhere but over the mod podge.  This acts as a resist.  The darker the color of the inks, the better the resist will show up, so you may want to apply several applications of ink.  Now you need a texture plate of some sort.  Something like this collagraph I made using Tim Holtz's grunge board design.  (To make this I simply glued the design onto a thick cardboard.) 
Place the texture plate, collagraph, rubber stamp, etc. on a hard surface, lay your glossy paper over the top, grab a nail file or piece of sand paper and lightly sand along the surface of the paper at an angle.  You don't want to drag the file over the whole paper, just the edge of the file, over the texture plate.  This produces what looks like a rubbing even in the resist areas.  Move your texture plate as often as needed, turning it in different directions. 
I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy techniques for using stencils and please, go venture over to Stencilgirl to see who else has some amazing stencils being offered there!  I was pleasantly surprised!  A great lineup! 

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