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Thursday, February 14, 2013


For years I used cardboard shoe boxes to hold lots of goodies in my art studio but I had a problem with that.  I couldn't see what was inside, so i swapped them all out for the see-thru plastic boxes instead.  Much happier with that, but oh my gosh, what do I do with close to 50 cardboard shoe boxes!  You cut them apart and salvage what you can.  Tear off the shiny surfaces or cover everything with artist papers.  Yup, that was the route I took, covered each piece front and back with decorative papers.  Glued everything down real good with "Elmer's"," Mod Podge" and even some "Gel Medium" just to empty some old bottles.  Once I had this chore done and yes it was a chore that lasted almost a week, I punched holes in each cardboard piece with the trusty "Bind-it-All".  I recently found these old fashion coils that you don't crimp, you simply roll them through the holes.  Wasn't as easy as it sounds, but I managed to create 3 stunning art journals that will host my 52 Word Photo project for this year, along with additional paint, putty, maybe some orange peel, wood icing, stencils, etc. etc. etc. and don't let me forget the fibers!  By the end of this year, I hope to have these 3 journals filled to the brim, if not over-flowing with visions of creative photos and techniques.  I'm ready to get started with the first 7 weeks of this years word prompt photos.  If you would like to see them, check out my photography blog.
I also just finished up one of several "Land of Oz" digital scrapbooking kits and it is now available in the shop.  The new Disney version will be out in the theaters soon!  Early March!  I'm scrambling to get them all in the shop real soon.  It takes loads of time to create new stuff for you, but I'm hoping you will enjoy them.  You can check out this first new kit at: Digiscrapstation

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Carolyn said...

Shoe boxes repurposed...great idea Cindy. I also liked your Valentine's Day card.