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Monday, November 15, 2010

Digital Whisper Challenge

Castle in the Sky is the current challenge over at Digital Whisper and here is my creation for the challenge that Kimmie posted.  I had a great time playing with a variety of images, but here is the final piece.
The images I used were both Personal Use only and Commercial Use and here are the links to the resources I used.
White Dragon
Second Cloud Image
the gates I googled: Arched Gates and found a treasure trove of interesting wrought iron gates.  I also googled for images of castles.  Cloud brushes used were from Devianart.


linda said...

Whoa! seriously gorgeous.

Motherkitty said...

This is so ethereal and beautiful. I really get another-worldly feeling just looking at it. Thanks!

Carolyn said...

Cindy, your castle in the clouds is perfect. I had to try a couple of times on this challenge. My first attempt was a real disaster.

Kat's World said...

Beautiful work...you really captured the mood with this...great job!