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Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Digital Challenge

Today everybody who was signed up to play in this week's digital challenge over at the Latest Trends yahoo group, got a new background from Linda to play with.  I added a new texture, blending mode, custom filter and threw on some brushes.  It reminded me of a painting that might have been done outdoors, thus the title.
Starting in January 2011 I will be again hosting the ATC digital challenges but this time, exclusively at my regular hang-out at Digiscrapstations Forum.  If you haven't been over there, go get signed up-there are a few other fun things happening in the forum right now and be sure to sign up to receive their newsletter so you can be reminded of the upcoming digital challenges.


linda said...

Very nice. I love the image of the brushes.

Cynthia Powell said...

I've had this handwriting brush for about 4-5 years and unfortunately not everyone makes a brush button with their name to give credit, so I don't know who it actually belongs to, but that also means it is commercial use, since I don't keep anything that is for personal use only anymore. I agree, it is quite lovely, but so is the background you let us play with! Thank you!