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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Uinta Mountains

I recently had the pleasure of going on a short family camping trip up near the top of the Uinta mountains and every day was a picture perfect kodak day.  The skies were as blue as could be with white puffy clouds and the colors were so vibrant.  Mother Nature says it's already Fall and she's getting everything ready for winter.  We could feel the nip of coldness in the air at night and the temperature dropped to 29o the last night we were there.  Good thing we had brought extra blankets, knowing ahead of time, that this is one place where it could snow, any day of the year!  We came prepared!
We also had the pleasure of hiking up the mountain, while traversing a mountain stream covered in beaver damns.  These had to be at least 100 years old and near the top of the mountain, most of these damns had long ago been abandoned.  You can still see activity around the trees, where the beavers had chewed the bark away, to topple the trees down into the stream.
All along the hike up the mountain, there were little ponds that still had families of beavers living and working to maintain their shelters.  Some of these beaver homes, were surrounded with the most pristine little lakes, flowers, little mud islands with beautiful white quaking Aspens and giant Log Pole Pines.  A perfect, idyllic setting to live.  I would gladly build a home there myself!

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