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Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Dangerous Stunts

Don't do this at home!   Isn't that the warning they give you on TV shows were people are doing the most ridiculous stunts?  Here's one that is more of an optical illusion, as these men are driving a herd of cattle across what looks like a lake the size of Lake Erie or the Gulf of Mexico, when in reality they are staying rather close to the shoreline.  Fooled me until I took a closer look!  What about you, did you think this was a stupid stunt, only it's not a stunt!  The guys standing up on the carts, being pulled through the waves by cattle looks pretty dangerous to me.  I heard that a car can float in barely a few inches of rapid running water-so did these carts turn into rafts?
One more:  How many of you have seen these photo in action?  Where the kangaroo kicks the *>#@ out of the guy trying to feed it?  Notice the chain on the ground?  Is it attached to the kangaroo?  How long is it, because the man is clearly within kicking distance!
I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did.  :-D

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