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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Images-Public Domain

This is such a cute vintage photo that I just had to share.  Over in our new Digital Montage workshop group we are playing around with a few themes to warm us up before the workshop starts on July 19th.  (Have you signed up yet?  More information is at: DigitalMontageStudio )  Today I will be posting a new theme and this little girl might come in handy for you. 
Don't you just love her hat!  Remember when we use to have to wear those horrible rubber things on our heads at the public pools.  Not sure if it was to protect our hair from the chemicals in the pool or the filters in the pool from our hair-but those rubber things were hideous and hard to get over our head!  Today-at the gym, they just ask you to shower before entering the pool, for hygiene sake and I have no problem with that-it is after all a gym-sweaty bodies and all.

Here is another vintage photo-not to sure if that is really suppose to be a bathing suit she is wearing, looks more like a circus performers costume-but maybe it's a bathing suit.  Don't know who wore garters into the pool?  I do like her scarf!  Enjoy!

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Paula Guhin said...

Wow, thanks so much for posting such great vintage shots! You are very generous to do so.
Paula at mixedmediamanic.blogspot.com