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Sunday, June 27, 2010

June Digital Round Robin

During the month of June we have been exploring the fun of creating digital round robins.  Each person adds a new layer to the collage and this was yet another good challenge.  Being the 5th and last person to receive this layout-I wasn't sure what I could do to add a layer-it looked pretty busy to me already.  Then the photo of the woman in the middle came to me-I remembered I had downloaded it just the other day and she would be the perfect addition to the other two images.  Being a black and white image, I painted her lips, altered the opacity, layered a mask behind the woman, changed the layout of the rickrack and added the text-"3 Faces of Eve" a wonderful classic movie about a woman who had three personalities.  Perfect for this layout.
(I also used some wonderful techniques that you could learn in our new Digital Montage Workshops-see post below.)
We will be starting another round robin next week-if you aren't a member yet but want to join us-the link to our Latest Trends yahoo group is in my sidebar.


peggy gatto said...

this is a knockout!!!!
reminds me of a classy fashion/cosmetic ad!!!

xinme said...

What a cool and contemporary way to create collaborative art! Very fun!

Lori Saul said...

Stunning work - a beautifully mastered collage - and I love that text- perfect addition!

linda said...

Nicely done. It's amazing when we look at all the completed collages--how different they all are!
This is such a great stretching excercize for me--and I didn't even work on this one.

Cynthia Powell said...

This was a total challenge for me but once I started working with it, I had fun experimenting with different effects.