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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Art Project

Recently I started a diet and with dieting, I started collecting interesting recipes that sounded good to me. Instead of using a normal index card and recipe box to hold these new found recipes-I decided to create a Rolodex of cards. On one side I added some decorative artist papers and on the other side-I left it blank so that I could write the ingredients & instructions. Of course there isn't room to write a very detailed description or lengthy instructions, so I save those recipes for the normal way. LOL! :-D I think there are probably close to 150 decorated cards on this Rolodex, so I'm busy hunting up some recipes. I'm also thinking of starting a diet blog where I can post interesting tidbits, tips, exercise info, etc. I have been really getting into this again-working out at the gym-lifting weights-boot camp classes, etc. and I have been keeping journals of the progress-which isn't much at the moment-but I at least started the journey. :-D

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pupton said...

Cindy, I think this is a great idea! I had weight loss surgery in January and have collected a variety of recipes. The rolodex is a neat way to store them! I will have to hunt around for a rolodex and cards to try the same thing! Good luck! and keep up the good work!