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Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Art Project for April

I have been slow getting a new project posted for this month-but I have it selected! I spent all week looking for the baby shoes I had set aside for this project and ended up going over to my local thrift store yesterday to find another pair. I found some little girl shoes that will work-but as far as baby shoes-there weren't any to be had! Walmart did have some for around $7-10-so if you can't find any at your local thrift, go to Walmart or check out Kmart!
Anyway, the project I selected to do this month is from a magazine: Simply Hand-Made~Spring 2002. I will be sharing this wonderful project in a few days-it is a perfect Mother's Day project!

Besides the pair or two of baby shoes-(I also found this adorable "Serta mattress Lamb at the thrift store for a whopping .75 cents!-my find for the day! He's so adorable!) you will need some acrylic paints of your choice and some detail type paint brushes-some flat bristled and some small round bristle brushes. That's pretty much it-but maybe you would also like to fill the shoes with some goodies before giving these to Mom! Think about what you could stuff inside these little teeny~tiny, cute shoes!

I will also be sharing another Mother's Day jewelry project over in the yahoo group (link is in the sidebar!) It is a quick and easy rope/lariat style necklace that uses only the most basic supplies, yet can be worn in numerous ways. Hope you will join us for this workshop in a couple of weeks!

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Kim said...

These ARE really cute! I don't have any grandkids yet, but friends have kids and grandkids, so into the file it goes! Great project!