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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mother's Day Project-

These were size 6-9 month, baby shoes that I found at Wal-mart. The surface didn't exactly want to accept the paint-so I ended up having to base coat these 3 times!

This was a fun art project and while I was painting these shoes-I kept thinking, my GD would love to wear these shoes-what little girl wouldn't want to wear these shoes! The only thing I would recommend, would be to use an acrylic varnish on them once you have finished adding the detail work.
I also substituted the shoelaces for some decorative ribbon-which is easily replaced, yet not so durable for the larger shoes, but dyed the laces of the baby shoes with some fabric dyes that have been in my studio "frig" for almost 2 years! Still worked!
Granted the larger shoes are more dress-up type shoes, not necessarily for play. Anyway, this project was intended to be a Mother's Day gift or Grandmother's gift. These will be added to my mantle of family photos, as decorative-conversation pieces.

These are little girl shoes, size 6 that I found at the Thrift Store. Much easier to paint. Wherever you buy the shoes for this project, just make sure they are free of dirt or stains.

These are also the perfect vessel to house some Mother's Day coupons and have your children present them to Mom on her special day!
Yeah Dad's, I am talking to you-there are a few of you who like doing fun and funky crafts! My hubby kept telling me, "I want you to paint my work boots!", I kept telling him, "No-you just want me to get a job! Once everybody at work sees these, they will all want me to paint their workboots too!"
So-if you want me to paint your shoes/boots-I only charge $195 a pair! :-D (Not sure how much work I will get at those prices! LOL!):-D

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