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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 5-Road Trip

Maybe you didn't notice that I happened to skip a week in this weekly digital journaling exercise, but if you were perhaps wondering why I did that-the reason is simple. The 4th week journal prompt is to play with color. I have no problem using color, bright bold colors, soft pastels, or basic watercolors-the thing is, I wanted to take some time to do a few color experiments in my real time studio, but haven't had the time yet. So, I am saving Week 4-until I can actually get my hands on some paint!

Week 5-the prompt is "Simply Me" and what makes me happy. The answer is simple-Road Trips. I love to just get in the car and go-anywhere-as long as there is time for a round trip to be made within 4 days. Weekend road trips are our favorites-but living here in Utah, makes for less road trips because everything is so darn far away. We've pretty much done them all already-Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Escalante', Park City, Oakley...been there! Now back East-you could spend years taking weekend road trips because you never run out of interesting places to visit-and being a history buff-our trips always included American history side trips. Harper's Ferry, Charlestown, Kentucky Derby, Niagra Falls, D.C. Our all-time road trip was to Salem Mass. for Halloween with a side trip to Lizzy Borden's Bed and Breakfast. We stayed in the Maid's room-the Attic! The history buff's sat up all night discussing the possiblities of who did what. Some wonderful theories were developed that night! And believe it or not-the movie is totally a made up version-it actually has no truth based on reality and verified facts. For a really wonderful excursion from the every day hoohumms-visit this bed and breakfast if you are ever in the area of Falls River. Make reservations to visit the culinary school in the old Abbey where Lizzy attended church-fantastic food!
There are no credits to give-all of the elements are created by me or copyright free. The fonts are basics, nothing special-I did use a brush from Obsidian Dawn!

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