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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I ventured through my blog archives this morning only to realize that I have had this blog for 3 years + 2 months! Unbelievable! It takes a long time to get through the amount of posts I have here, but it is amazing how much of my art I have shared here with the world. Traded ATC's, Art Quilt Awards, Magazine Publications, Art Techniques, Tutorials, Art Projects, darn-this was fun! LOL! :-D
I'm ready for the next adventure-digital art! I know I have another blog for that, but you know what, I haven't been sharing my digital painting and since I have closed the painting blog, I thought I would move at least one of my favorites over here so I could have a recorded history. It's amazing to think I did this with a software program so elementary as PSE6, using no filters! Remember this saying: "I've come a long way Baby!" Now I have tons of filters and enough actions to have rebuilt my software to a compatible size of CS3 or 4!

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