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Monday, January 18, 2010

Journaling-Week 3

I often ask myself this question and ponder the possiblities. Do you? If you had a time machine and could travel through space & time, where would you want to go? I often picture myself in the Victorian age. An age of grace, of comfort, of splendor and of dear friends & close family. I picture hand-written love letters, ink stained fingers, precious books and silks from Paris. I visualize a fabulous "Gone with the Wind" setting of acres of men on stallions, sweating in the summer sun, with the wind blowing...ok that's another story! LOL!
I hope you enjoy this layout, created using a fabulous kit that will be released soon from Cecilia Swatton. For an update of when this "Steampunk" kit will be released, follow her BLOG. Additional elements used are from my private collections. Brushes from: Obsidian Dawn and Portfolio.

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