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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Halloween

I just had to share this fabulous photo of my grandchildren dressed in their Halloween costumes. My granddaughter just turned two and the triplets are 5 months old now.


Carolyn said...

Cindy, your grandchildren are adorable. It must be hard being separated from them. The babies change rapidly and I'm so happy all three are doing so well. The oldest granddaughter is as cute as can be.

Thanks for sharing your joy with us.


inventivesoul said...

This is such an amazingly ADORABLE bunch of kids! I LOVE the costumes and set design.
Amber Dawn

bstoby@charter.net said...

Oh my..
This is one of the cutest photos I have seen in forever. These children look like little angels. You have to be the proudest grandmother in your neighborhood. Or in your entire city for that matter.(grin) Bonnie

Rose G said...

Oh my How cute is this????? love it, thanks for sharing.Rose