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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Recycled Golf Shoes?

Well, the cleets are recycled, but no shoes. I found a bag of these cleets in the studio, where they came from ?? who knows. I may have picked them up at a yard sale with the intention of making charms out of them, or recycling these into a bracelet since there are two holes and they would make a wonderful piece of jewelry..hummmm I still have plenty left!


Anonymous said...

Warning, See Here!

mary schweitzer said...

I can see these being a bracelet! I find things all the time when I'm rooting around in my stash, I love those wow where did these come from moments!
The bracelet and charms are sooo pretty!

Elizabeth in NM said...

These are too cute! Let me know if you want to trade charms.


Dawn said...

These cleets would make the best bracelet, one persons junk is another persons treasure - and this is a treasure no doubt!

Lucy said...

great idea