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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Art Doll Challenge!

For months if not a few years...I have been wanting to create an art doll ala: Sherrill Kahn style and since we have been making fabric & paper beads using her style of decorating these fabrics, now was a good time for me to create this Spirit Doll..quick, easy and fun to make...I embellished it with lots of beads and a center medallion made from air dry clay. Join the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts group and take this fun challenge yourself!!


Lin Lin said...

What an adoreable spirit she is. Great choice of colors and the medallion is perfect. I will have to jump over to LTMMA and check it out.

Dawn said...

I love the symbolism of this doll, she is great Cindy. Way to go...!!!

morningDove said...

I love everything about her. The fabric is wonderful and I am just beginning to bead. So I will try this.