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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fun Project!

Here is a fun project that anyone can do..take a pillar candle and decorate it with any papers, wire mesh, ribbons, images etc. etc. Now take a heat gun to it and carefully watch the wax inbed your design!! Awesome! So quick and easy to do, with wonderful designer candles when you are finished...A great gift to make for someone special in your life for any occasion!!
A few Tips: I used pins to hold the mesh in place and carefully applied heat from the heat gun just to melt the wax to hold the mesh in place.
Use a non-stick craft sheet under the candle when melting the wax.
Stand the candle up when applying heat..:-D


mary schweitzer said...

This is a WONDERFULL idea! I love candles and hate paying for the decorated ones.

mary schweitzer said...

I forgot to ask, how do you attach the pics etc. to the candle before you heat them?

Lin Lin said...

Great idea, and maybe something I can do. *grin* I love the look Cindy. Yes, how do you attach the pics to the candle before you heat them? Maybe you could email me or post on group, Artist Circle. LinLin

Dawn said...

Who's a clever bunny then, all the best ideas are the simple ones and this is the best....the possibilities are endless, THANKS for Sharing xxxx

akatrix said...

What an idea! The picture with the Valentine poem would look lovely on a candle! You are so inspiring!

morningDove said...

what a great and creative idea. I love your choice of pics to melt on. You could really personalize this. Could it work for a wedding?