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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Belle Armoire-Sept Issue 2007

I was surprised to receive the newest issue of Belle Armoire in the mail today. I knew that Michelle Flores wanted to use this shirt in one of her featured articles, but had no idea that it had been selected for this issue. A truely wonderful surprise. Thank you Michelle!


Sue B said...

Congratulations on the article!

Lynnette April Over The Moon said...

Hi Cindy!!! Congradulations on your shirt in the new Belle Armoire!!! Beautiful red and Love how you have decorated it.

We talked about the belt call, and mine is on page 54. A huge surprise to me too!!!

As usual I'm busy with grand childeren!! Grand child number 4, Owen is 2 weeks old. In a few weeks I will have a few days to my self, what a shock!!! Hugs Lynnette April.