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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Altered Jeans

Hubby gave me a pair of his old jeans to play with this week, and after trying out several different things, bleach pen, gesso, and soft scrub with bleach, I decided that the soft scrub gave me the effect I was after.
The gesso didn't stay as white as I wanted it too, so for future denim projects I will get out the soft scrub! One tip...leave it for several hours or else you will not get much bleaching action, and wash it before moving on to the other steps. I'm working on a denim jacket also, and I made the mistake of not leaving the soft scrub on long enough. I ended up re-stamping the whole thing with white fabric paint!

To get the alphabet on the legs, I used a stencil, with a stencil adhesive to keep it in place. I then used a washable latex black can of spray paint, and masked out the overspray areas with plain copy paper. The stencil was repositionable, and cleaned up real good with just water! I believe I saw this in Cloth,Paper,Scissors but it could have been in one of the Somerset Magazines??? I just had to try it!!

Today I cut the jeans into managable sizes to use in other altered clothing for patches & pockets. The backside of the jeans were not painted, so I also have scraps of plain denim to play with again.


Jaci said...


Thanks for the tip on the soft scrub. Makes sense... I've "ruined" a couple of shirts actually using it for cleaning ;)

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for taking the time.


Cyndi L said...

Now how fun is that! The jeans are wonderful :-)

pam said...

i have an expensive pair of jeans with a big blow out hole by the ass cheek. what ideas do you have for me to sew some cool patch or something to cover it and have it look really nice.


Kim said...

I can't believe you cut them up. Tsk Tsk TSK - they were so good. I'm going to experiment on some old Boy jeans and then go to town :). Thank you for sending me to your blog for more detail , Cindy.
Give yourself a little hug from me :)