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Monday, February 5, 2007

Canvas-new techniques

The picture doesn't really do this justice. I took the advice given in a fabulous book called: "Pretty Little Things" and wrote down everything that I could use for this canvas piece. The first paper I pulled from the box (hat) was wax crayons. After coloring the whole canvas, I didn't like it, so my mind said "Heat It!" I crumbled up some wax paper and layed it on top of the canvas, and layed parchment paper over that. I went over the whole piece with a hot iron, lifted the wax paper & parchment off, and decided to do this again, by turning the papers and heating again. The wax paper had picked up enough crayon that when I did this step again, it left wax on top of the canvas, blending the colors. I liked this look, and re-heated the canvas until I was satisfied. The next scrap of paper to be pulled from the box was: sanding. O.K. I gave this a try. It softened the edges where the colors were side by side, but little else. Third scrap: ink I used Chinese Sumi Calligraphy ink, dropped it on the canvas from a chop stick, and blew on it through a straw, while turning the canvas. Loved it, but not enough, I continued adding drops of ink, without blowing on it. Now I think I'm ready for the next scrap of paper. What will it be? The mystery continues....

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Vivian said...

Beautiful work!