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Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Butterflies Secret"-mini quilt

Every year I donate a mini quilt to the Children's Foundation for their silent auction. This raises funds to provide under priviledged children with Christmas presents. This particular mini quilt is only 18" x 18" and is contained inside an embroidery hoop, which was used to create a magnifying glass. The interior of the hoop is hand painted (using an image from a rubber stamp), beaded, machine embroidered and real dried leaves were glued in. Clear vinyl was attached to the embroidery hoop, to seal the whole thing, and give the effect of looking through glass. Butterflies were glued to the outer rim of the hoop to give a reference to size.

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akatrix said...

Wow....I enlarged this photo and was amazed at all the work involved! That little quilt is simply beautiful! If they didn't get tons of money for it, shame on them!