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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014-The Beginning of a Great Year

On New Years Day we started our very short-but felt really long, trip down south to explore and take photos.  After 1110 miles and over a 1000 photos we arrived back home, exhausted and sore from all the miles of hiking, climbing and dragging our feet through the snow.  It was a wonderful adventure to kick start the new year.  Lots of inspiration for new projects, workshops & some experimental photography thrown in.  Here is a star trail (composed of three-10 minute time lapse images).  My first attempt at doing this didn't work since I didn't have my camera settings correct and the time lapse remote control would not work, but the second night, it worked like a dream.  Loved the experience, the dinner picnic in the dark, and the scary stories we told each other while we were waiting for the exposures & processing of these images. 
NOTE:  It's really dark and scary out in the middle of nowhere with not a single light visible in any direction!  Makes you think of zombies for some strange reason!  :-D

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