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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Finishing Up for the Year 2013

Just a couple of months ago I began a series of watercolor field journals and I've already managed to finish 2 of them.  I filled the pages with experiments, drawings, notes from books, etc.  What a wonderful feeling to have completed a project for a change!
So for the new year, I have begun 3 more of these journals, one for value sketches & compositional layouts, one for experiments using a variety of techniques for water media and another for notes from all the books I read and videos I watch.  There is so much information out there and so many fun things to try, that I will have no problem keeping busy during 2014. 

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Miznye said...

You leave me breathless, Cindy. Who can possibly keep up with your energy and inspiration?! Keep up the stunning work, and thank you as always for sharing. I think I'm ready to fill a couple of my own field journals. It would be good practice, which I sorely need! karla