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Thursday, November 14, 2013

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"Art & Place" an in-depth look at art in unconventional settings throughout the Northern & Southern Hemispheres of the Americas.  If you are an "Arm Chair Traveler" this book will take you on a road trip that expands time.  The journey begins in Canada and travels in a zigzag style to finally reach the great countries of Brazil & Peru while showcasing major historical & current contemporary art in between.  From the carved totem poles, to Diego Rivera in Detroit & Mexico City, to a spiral jetty here in my home town of Salt Lake City (as seen on the cover) and reaching across the country via Chicago, Boston and DC to New York where you can visit an amazing array of places & art pieces, via high quality photos. In Los Angeles you can visit Simon Rodia's "Watts Towers" that took him 34 years to construct and is now a National Historic Landmark or visit the Lightening Field in New Mexico for a show from Mother Nature.  (A storm would be required if you were there in person, but visit through the photos in this book and you won't have to wait months to see the show.) Throughout this vast space of land, there is art in the form of rich carvings, faded paintings and works that took years of pain-staking labor.  This one book brings it all together for us and provides us with detailed descriptions and a wonderful glossary of the various art styles & movements throughout our history.   A must have book for the "arm-chair traveler" and art lovers everywhere.

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