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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stencil Technique #2

This technique is super easy and done in no time at all.  Any paper that is thin enough to do a rubbing will work, even a shipping tag!  You will need a clear wax crayon, a piece of paper (I used an old ledger paper) the stencil of your choice, (again I used Cecilia's Gingko stencil), and a dye based inkpad in your choice of colors.
Lay your stencil down on a hard work surface, place the paper over the stencil and rub the crayon around to get a rubbing of the stencil.  You might have to rub fairly hard to get a decent imprint.  This creates a wax resist that can now be used with the dye inkpad or thinned acrylic paint.  If you use paint, you will need to wipe of the wax areas with a baby wipe, but since I used a thin paper here, I chose to use a piece of polyfil to apply my ink.  The polyester in this fiberfill allows the ink to blend on the paper if using multiple colors, but it also will remove any ink from the waxed areas, polishing the wax to a soft shine. 

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