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Monday, March 19, 2012

New Photography Book Review

"Going Pro" by: Scott Bourne & Skip Cohen is a must have book if you plan to go pro with your photography or just want to sell your photos to a general market.  This book covers every topic and question you could possibly ask.  A great reference book to help you get started in the business of "growing a photography business".   Learn from the experts through their wonderful tips and insider habits that will help you stick to your ideals and work ethics.  Learn the difference between candid photos and creative photography, plus find your niche' in this competitive field, along with some professional advice about how to improve your photos by getting a little creative.  Those candid shots are OK for family and friends, but if you want to go pro, keep expanding your knowledge with this wonderfully informative book.
Click the bookcover in the right sidebar to be taken directly to the book where you can get a sneak peek for yourself.  In my opinion, this is a must have book for anyone serious about their photography as a career.

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