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Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Reviews

I recently had the opportunity to preview some recently released books and a few that will be coming on the market soon.  In the right sidebar, there are links to two of these books.
Martha Stewart's Handmade Holiday Crafts is an inspiring book that features over 200 craft projects.  Her creative teams, never cease to amaze me with their creative projects from new & recycled materials over and over again.  This book is fabulous for quick and easy projects, including: hand-dyed eggs with natural dyes, banners, greeting cards, holiday decor and so much more.  I am again inspired by the projects shared in this new book, published just a couple of months ago.
Beyond Snapshots: This is a fantastic book for the beginning digital photographer.  It covers everything that you could possibly want to know or need, to take great photos.  As a photographer of old-using 35mm film, this book inspired me to grab my digital camera and try out a few of the suggestions made.  Take a walk around your house and see what you can find that brings a smile to your face and while you are at, learn how to make the necessary setting changes to your DSLR camera for indoor shooting!  Fabulous book!  Available next month!!  Put it on your wish list!

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