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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Events for 2012

Starting in January, I will be hosting monthly mixed media techniques based on instructions from new and older books on mixed media art.  Over in the left column, you will see a book titled: "Flavor for Mixed Media" by: Mary Beth Shaw.  This book maybe the first one featured and one technique from this book, could be used for our January workshop.  Mary Beth and I are working out the details but to join in on the fun, you just need to sign up as a member at: LTMM  Once your membership has been approved, you will start receiving messages posted at this yahoo group and you can access the files which are loaded with past workshops.  (All files are copyrighted-but you are free to follow the instructions to create your own artworks.)  More info later so stay tuned...Do you like collage?  I will be offering a few book giveaways here as I clean out my personal library to make room for some new releases.

Update!  "Flavor for Mixed Media" by Mary Beth Shaw is the book I will host in Jan. 2012!  With Mary Beth's permission, we will be doing one technique from her fabulous book during the month of January.  I will be posting more information and a giveaway soon!  Come join us!


syd1 said...

Will it be necessary to buy the book for the monthly or will you be giving enough info so that we will not need to. I know that many on a limited budget, do not have the funds to buy books and my library doesnt have it. Tough I would like to join in, if buying the book is required, I will not be able to. Thanks, Syd

Cynthia Powell said...

Syd1-No purchases are required! Please come and join us-we'll be doing a few giveaways throughout the year as well! Some of the authors will even be available for Q & A! Lots of fun for 2012!