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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watercolor and Digital

I decided to try my hand at watercolor painting again and on the left is the original doorway.  I struggled with this but learned a lot about controlling the amount of water and having the patience to let it dry, naturally.  (I do need to hunt up another hair dryer to speed up this process!)  I also want to try using different brushes for better control of the paint as well.  When I taught the Chinese Brushwork workshop a couple of years ago, I was amazed at the control the Chinese brushes allowed me with the inks, so I will give them a try next time.  Anyway, when I removed the painters tape, one whole side of the painting tore away.  I wasn't sure how to respond other than to gasp!  Oh no!   But the more I look at it, the more I liked it.
So-I  decided to scan in the painting and see what I could do with it digitally.  The new version is on the right and I have to admit, I really like the adjustments I made to this.  By brightening up the colors, it really popped.  Since this was just a play session, I didn't print this out, nor will it be for sale, but eventually, when I get much better at this, I hope to have prints available for purchase on another blog.  I will be offering some of my digital prints for sale soon.  :-D


Wax Beach Artist said...

I had a painting tear before. It was my self-portrait that I had worked on for over a year (off and on). I am not a portrait artist so it was a huge challenge for me. It ripped as I took off the masking tape that was holding it to a board. It ripped on the wall area and I was able to keep the painting but everytime someone sees it the first thing they say is, "wow that crack in the wall almost looks real". Uh!...anyway I use a crop of it for my avatar. That's me about 30 years ago.

Carolyn said...

Oh WOW, Cindy, I love the digital version. The tear adds to the overall effect.

Chris Flynn said...

They are both lovely. I love the way you brought forward the luminescent light in the digital. Now I'm going to practice!