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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gifts of Art Jewelry

These necklaces were very quick to make, except for the drying time of the dimensional lacquer that I used.  I had to fill the bevels twice because of settling, but after three days, they were finished.  Each one was crafted with my DD's and DIL's personalities in mind.  My DIL will be running in her first marathon next month, so I did the bird for her.  (She has wings for feet.) These are very easy to make, you just need the bezels which are available at Hobby Lobby now, some images, rhinestones or other embellishments and some resin or lacquer, like Diamond glaze.  The rhinestones are heirloom vintage and I tried to use every little stone in some sort of jewelry.  These were the last of the lot.

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trisha too said...

These are lovely, Cindy!