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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Digital Challenge Group Forming!

Over on the Creative Soul ning group, I have started a new group for a different type of creative digital artwork.  Have you ever read a story and could visualize art that would go with the descriptive words you were reading?  I recently read "The Hunger Games" and I found myself marking the "Quotes" or passages in the book for future reference.  I'm sure I can blame a friend of mine, Tanya for starting the seed of inspiration growing in the back of my mind and so when the opportunity showed itself, I quickly became excited about the prospects.  Then, recently over at DigitalWhisper Deviantart group, Kimmie posed a challenge based on song lyrics by Sting, this month.  (This is the art I created from her prompt).  Finally, everything meshed and I totally enjoyed the creative aspects of this challenge and thought it would be a wonderful way to get others inspired as well.  Each week, a new "Quote" or passage from whatever book we have chosen to read, will be added to the groups discussion and everyone is free to interpret the quote to create their own artwork.  Book titles will be added to the list as we get more members signing up.  The first prompt will be posted this Friday, March 18th and it will be from the "Hunger Games"-written by: Suzanne Collins.  If you haven't read the book, that's OK, the quote will be all the prompt you need, but this is an interesting book.  Set in the future with limited resources, mankind will do whatever it takes to feed their families.  (Even send their young into a fight to the death, so they possible could win, food to survive another year.)

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