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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bean Bag Tutorial

I have been making sets of these numbered bean bags for my grandkids the past couple of weeks and yesterday one of the sets got used by my great grandson, who absolutely loved lining them up in order.  He's only 3, but knows his numbers and colors!  this morning he wanted to play with them again.  They are the perfect size 4" x 4" to fit his little hands and they are weighted just enough to be tossed but can't hurt anything.  If you would like to make a set for the younger generation in your life, here is a quick tutorial for you.
Supplies needed: Fabric (fat quarters of various bright, bold colors worked great!)  You will need 1 strip 4" wide from 10 different fabrics, cut into 4" x 4" squares and 1 strip 3" wide or scraps from another project to make the numbers.  You will need No-Sew Heat N' Bond, an iron, a 1/4 yard of unbleached muslin, cut into 3 strips 4" wide, than cut into 4" x 4" squares.  Sewing machine, thread to match and "Food Grade" beans for filling the bags.  Makes 4 sets of 10 bags!

Step 1. Cut out all the squares and using a 2" stencil, copy the numbers , (mirror imaged) onto the no-sew heat n bond fusible web.  Iron to the wrong side of the fabric scraps or 3" strips and cut them out.  Peel off the paper and iron the numbers to the center of each of the muslin squares-as shown here.
Step 2; With right sides together, stitch around the outside of the squares using a 1/4" seam and leave the bottom, center open for turning.  Clip the corners and turn right side out. 
Step 3: Fill with 3 tablespoons of beans and stitch closed.  Do not over fill these bean bags or you will have a problem stitching them closed. 

For those of you who would like a set of these bean bags but don't have time to make a set, or perhaps you don't sew,  I have one extra set you can buy for $20 + postage.  The set even comes with it's own carrying case!  If interested, e-mail me at: powellcynthia@comcast . net


Cynthia Schelzig said...

This is a great idea!!! and considering I have a two year old
nephew´s birthday party coming up,,,great gift....thanks for putting the directions on here:)

martha brown said...

I love this idea (I'm a kindergarten teacher :)

Ida said...

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This bean bag tutorial is really great. very simple illustration.