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Friday, January 7, 2011

My New Art Space

Here is a photo of my new art space.  I am loving the light from this big window over my work area.  Along the right there is another mosaic table that I did and my sewing machine cabinet that also gives me a couple more work areas, as needed.  I feel so cramped up here, but it's actually very cozy.  Haven't got a clue where anything is at the moment, except everything seems to have a place of its own.  I am still maintaining a separate painting room in the basement, which is fine since I now have all the floor lights in that one room as well.  Plenty of light now!
I have about 9 boxes of altered art/scrapbooking materials that I will be offering for sale soon.


Carolyn said...

You will enjoy working upstairs where you can look out and enjoy the scenery on a beautiful day. In time you'll know where each item belongs and hopefully put it back when you take it out.

one question...where is your computer, digital area?

Cynthia Powell said...

I will be adding the laptop soon, but I also don't have a clock in this room! I do have a TV but since I rarely watch TV during the day, I'll be taking that out. It's taking up valuable work space.

JHawk said...

I'm jealous, love your workspace. I am still in the stage of clearing out and organizing my room. Just when I think I am almost done something happens and I have to store some things in the rooom again. I do have some before pictures.

Congrats on the space!!!

Lisa said...

Nice studio! Sure, it's cozy, but as long as you can figure out where everything is, it's perfect. Love the nice bright window for natural light.

catheriah620 said...

Very nice. I am reorganizing my room just a bit by adding a taller shelf. thanks for asking and sharing.
Cc in WI