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Monday, October 4, 2010

Workshop #4-SOLD OUT!

Creating Depth with Shading, Beveling, Lighting and a few other manipulative "Effects" is how this sample was made.  It's actually pretty easy if you know how to use some of the tools that are at your finger tips. Come and explore the opportunity to learn what your software can do for you.  Learn about shadowing and light effects using the tools that are part of your program by creating not only a montage such as this, but also a new technique that I worked on from a vintage poster, that I call "Retro Poster Effects".  Easy to follow step by steps instructions are always provided plus plenty of one on one instructor guidance. Only $20 for two weeks of fun instruction in a private limited group of students, plus lots of links to downloads, free images, free textures, etc.  To grab the last virtual seat, sign up at:
Digital Montage Studio

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