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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween-Day 24

I thought I would share a fun stamping technique that we did last year about this same time.  Soot Stamping-really a lot of fun.  You simply take a candle and while you hold the candle at a angle, let the flame melt some of the wax, creating a black smoke from the candle.  At the same time hold a sheet of glossy photo paper about a 6" x 4" works good, over the smoke and the paper grabs that smoke.  Once you have enough smoke, stamp the paper with a stamp, removing the soot.  Spray the paper with a fixative or hair spray to set the soot.  Spray from a good distance so you don't end up removing the soot.   The stamps I used were from Inka Stamps, now known as:  Scrollwork Stamps. 
I have tried numerous time to get this image to rotate to the correct position, but it is giving me fits.  Must be possessed! Have fun!

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