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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Colors in Lambs Canyon

The fall colors were at their peek this weekend and we took a drive up to the canyon to grab some pictures, but there was rain in the forecast and of course the sky was full of beautiful clouds, but the colors all seemed a little muted.  Here's a quick collage I did with just a few of the multitudes of photos I took.  Sure like the digital instead of film-no more wasted expense for processing un-usable photos.  Click and delete!  Gotta' love it! 
Update!-I deleted the first collage and added this one instead, after I removed the wording.  Someone brought it to my attention that it might be enjoyed more if the viewer was allowed to feel their own emotion instead of relying on the words that I had added.  I totally agree Jan-thanks for the advice!  :-D

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