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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Spring Flowers!

Lately-everywhere you look, you see flowers-real ones and fake ones. Here is a fast, fun tutorial on how to make the fakes! Enjoy!

First thing-gather up all your supplies: You will need an assortment of papers-I threw in some old magazine pages that had wonderful colors, but not so good as images. You will also need a flower petal hand-punch. There are a variety of sizes and shapes of these hand-punches. I used a large or mega punch that had a good petal shape. All of the flower layers were cut with this one punch. You do not need more than one punch unless you want to use a variety of sizes. You will also need a hole-punch like a crop-a-dile and brads to fasten the layers together.

Second step is punch out a variety of papers-you will need 5-6 layers to form the flower. Stack them as you get them punched out.

Third Step- Pick up a bunch of layers, holding them together-punch a hole in the center and insert a brad.

Fourth Step: Start crumbling up the papers around the center brad-wrinkling all but the outside two layers, shaping your flower. Release some of the folded papers in the center so you can see the brad. You can use these flowers for a variety of embellishing looks-wire them to frames, glue them to other surfaces, add them to hair barrettes or add them to a Mother's Day or Friendship greeting card! I'm sure you can come up with a variety of uses too! Have fun!

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trisha too said...

this is a GREAT tutorial, Cindy! I'm going to try these tonight!